Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Fun

What we have been up to......

This past Friday after school, we drove out to Bloomsbury Farm. You could easily spend a whole day out here! However, we were only there for a few hours. I don't think we even saw everything.

Taylor's favorite was the HUGE tire swings!

Getting big!!

They have a huge jumping pillow. The kids loved this! But, who wouldn't?!!

Got to feed donkey's and sheep

Children of the Corn.....

My Little Frankie!

This slide was awesome!! You literally FLY down it!

In a 'ginormous' tire :)

Taylor climbing the tires

Horse swing

Fun filled evening! After leaving there, with my intention to get home and start dinner, realized we wouldn't get home til closer to 7. So we drove into CR and picked up some Fazoli's and ate it at Gma and Papa C's house. A delicious way to end the day :)

On Saturday, the kids and I headed to Burlington for Josh and Chelsea's Annual Halloween Party. I wish I had a camera that took awesome pictures, because they go alll out in decorating their house!! It's absolutely amazing! They hang lights from the porch, cover the windows so you can see in, had a skeleton in their attic window, and had eye's looking out of the boy's bedroom window. Inside is just as awesome!! From strobe light in the entryway, a massive cobweb with huge spider hanging from the light, to 'bloody' margaritas. It is always a good time!!! Thanks again J & C!!!!

Colin as 'Woody'

Jayden, Josh, Chelsea, and Gavin were goolish zombies! Here is Jayden with Ethan as a vampire.
Kim gettin her rockin' style on!!

Josh and myself....kinda creepy

Nice smile Colin!! Takes after his momma!!

This was taken with my phone....Taylor as "Princess Tiana" from Princess and the Frog.


Anonymous said...

Loved the pics of the farm! Liked the horse swing too--- like the ones in Osage. J&C's party Was fun wasn't it?? Glad you could come, the kids looked darling.

Aunt Jenny said...

Thanks for posting all these pics. Looks like so much fun! Sarah and Jeremy loved the kids' costumes :)