Thursday, July 15, 2010

Look Ma, no training wheels!!

I have no idea why my pictures are so blurry, so I apologize!
Taylor is riding her bike without the training wheels now!! It really didn't take her (us) very long! We practiced with her a few times, and everyday, she'd say she wants to try all by herself. Then the other day, she just took off....and really hasn't stopped since! She is so proud of herself too. A couple times while riding past our driveway down to the neighbors, you could hear her say to herself, "You can do it". She was on cloud nine!!!

She rides to the end of the block, then will ride down to the last house.

there she goes!

Funny thing is, she didn't need any bandaids. If she fell, it was in the grass, or she caught herself before falling on the cement! She is even more excited that she and I can go on rides together!! The other night we went for a long ride around our neighborhood....she didn't want to get off her bike! We are sooo proud of our Tator tot!!!