Saturday, July 30, 2011

Six Flags

Tim was on vacation last week. We were able to get away for a couple days & went to St. Louis.

We made it to our motel!!!!!

Dinner after checking in....

zonked out the next morning.....zzzzzz...zzzzzz.

But, up and at 'em!!! We are going to Six Flags!!!! YAY!!!!

Have to eat breakfast first!!!

Daffy Duck was roaming our hotel that morning!!

The 'freeplay' game the kids were playing before we got in trouble for playing it before 9am...oops!

Six Flags has a waterpark inside it as well. We arrived at the park before it even opened....had to get good chairs in the waterpark...fills up pretty fast! Got our chairs and decided to hit some rides before the heat took over! OMG! Talk about fun!! Colin wanted to go on everything...big coasters, spinning fast rides, little coasters, you name it! Of course, I had wimped out on the spinning things, only because my head and stomach can't take that anymore. Tim, god love him, took the kids on those rides!! And sometimes 4 times in a row!! But to see the kids face's after they come off the ride, PRICELESS!!! Then asking, "Again, we want to do it again!" Totally worth it. At one ride, Colin said to Tim, "This is the best day ever!" And it sure was!! So eventually we went back to the waterpark and played in the water and wave pool. That water had never felt better. It was soooo hot that day, but couldn't have been more perfect. As much I as wanted to float on a tube in the lazy river or wave pool, the kids kept talking about riding more rides. Either way, it was so much fun!!!

Back and forth from park to park. We probably spent the majority of the time on the rides than the waterpark. Bonus tho....lines for the rides were short...I think everyone was at the waterpark. The kids also experienced the Tidal Wave. You know, the big boat you sit in, it takes you up and around, then down?!! We got soaked!!! We did that 2 times in a row! They even wanted to stand on the bridge and feel the 'wave'!!! What a great time!

The shark we caught at the waterpark.

Bugs Bunny!!!

Yosemite Sam


What should we do next?

This one!!! Pandemonium

Can we do it again, mommy?!

The car you sit in, spins around as you go up and then down!!! Dizzzyyyy...

But, they LOVED it!!!

I don't remember what this ride was called, and it was a favorite!

The end of a wonderful day!

Video of Tim and the kids on the Pandemonium. You can hear Taylor screaming!! Hilarious!!

City Museum

With the high temp of 104 in St. Louis last Friday, we still decided to go to the City Museum. We just told the kids we won't be climbing on the 'outdoor' things. The kids love this Museum. If you have never been here, click on the link for a tour!!!! Hours upon hours of endless climbing, sliding, and imagination!!! I have never climbed up so many things!!! It was super fun.

The "Rooftop". This was open today too. Just didn't make it up there with the weather being to unbearable!

The Monster slide. 3 stories long!!

Climbing to the unknown...which it really take one path and you're not sure where it brings you out to!

They fell!!

Hall of mirrors

Fire truck hanging out of the building

Taylor and Colin climbing up.....

and back down....

another fun slide...

As much energy as they burnt while there, they were still full of energy the whole 5 hour drive home!!! I would have to say this was the funnest trip with them yet. Colin is older and was able to be involved in a lot more of what Taylor could do. And since they climbed together alone, I felt better with the 2 of them...watching out for each other!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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