Friday, September 26, 2008

Check this out!

Click on the link. This will take you to Click thru to page 9. GO HY-VEE!! A comment was left by a Hy-Vee Shopper....see what store they shop at!! Some of you may have seen this already, but I wanted to share.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

What would a Birthday be, without a trip to the ER?

Well, Tim's birthday was yesterday. We kind of made plans for the afternoon, but what we didn't plan was a trip to the Emergency room. No it was nothing too serious and everyone is fine. I had closed our bedroom door behind me as I was going to iron a shirt, Tim was in the other bathroom, Taylor opened and closed the bedroom door, and low and behold, Colin's finger got smashed. I'm not sure if he pulled his finger out of the door, but his skin was pulled back and his poor little finger was quite smashed. We were sure he'd be fine, but nothing would calm him down. We went to the ER, they took xrays and found that it wasn't broken, but was going to be a little sore. They bandaged him up and away we went. We decided not to go putt putt or to the football game, which is what we were going to do. Thus, we went to Chili's for dinner! When we got home, Taylor wanted to put candles in the apple pie I made for Tim, (thanks Holly!) and blow the candles out with him! I think (hope) he had a great day! He has actually been off work since Thursday! We love having him home with us!!

The kids sitting so nicely (a rare find) in Tim's chair!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Just because we live in Missouri doesn't mean....

1.) we have to become Cardinal fans,
2.) we have to cheer for Mizzou
and most importantly
3.) we can't wear our Hawkeye shirts and root for them!! Go Hawks!

Just like Mama!

Does this remind any of you of watching home movies of me pulling my phone? Colin gets a little upset if the phone magically turns upside down and can't figure out how? I turn it for him and he continues on!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Taylor's new "Do"

I took both kids to get their hair cut today. I decided to have them cut it to shape around her face this time. She loves it. Every where we went, she'd see her reflection and comment, " hey I see my hair!" I think its adorable!!

" A Dream is A Wish.."

Turn up the volume! This is Taylor singing " A Dream is A Wish" to Tim on the phone. I started singing it to her at bedtime. The other night when I had to work, she started singing it to Tim. So when he called lastnight from Des Moines, he wanted her to sing it to him. But, she had to go in her room, for me not to hear it. I followed her anyways!! This is so cute!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fall Festival

Taylor was having so much fun!

We met Tim for dinner and he decided to tickle the heck out of Colin. He was almost in tears from laughing!

Fall Festival

I know, there may be a lot of pictures to take in, but Taylor was having so much fun I really wanted to share. This was The Lake's Fall Festival on Saturday. I took both kids into the big Disney one by myself. This was at City Hall and there were 3 inflatable things, vendors, police/fire/ambulance on display, petting zoo, hayrack ride, and a couple contests. We mainly played on the inflatable rides. Taylor especially loved the obstacle course one. She hoped right in line, went fast as she could, up the walls, and down the slides. There were 2 walls on it, that she climbed very well. After the last slide, she just wanted to do it over and over again! Poor Colin, he either walked around, or sat in the stroller. Colin loved seeing all the dogs walking around for the Humane Society's "Adopt Me" program. Taylor wanted to feed the alpaca's but didn't once she saw them eating out of others hands. I feed them for her. We went for a 2 hours in the morning, then took a nap break, then back later in the afternoon. I was really hoping this would burn some energy, but it really didn't, for Taylor at least. I don't know where she gets all the energy!!! To be a kid again! Ha!

The firetruck slide


One of the walls on the obstacle course

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Afternoon Walk

We went for a walk down by the pool today. We dipped our feet in the pool and "let our feet dry in the sun", as Taylor explained it. Rode the elevator back up, trekked up 4 flights of stairs to the top of the complex, back down, and finally back home! Whewww!

Aww...sisterly love, giving Colin kissies:)

Funny Faces

Taylor has a "Funny Faces" magnetic book. You put different eyes, noses, and mouths on several animals. We decided to put a little twist in it and decorate ourselves. See how we turned out!! It was hard thought to get any of the mouths to stay on us, so we just used the eyes. It was alot of fun!

I like her baby blues better!

Yes, I've had too much coffee today.....