Thursday, August 19, 2010

1st Day of Kindergarten

On this particular day, which was called "Donuts and Drop-off", we got to meet her teacher and take her supplies to school.
Here she is infront of her cubby.

Here is her desk.

Putting her rest/naptime towel in her cubby

1st Day of School
Eating breakfast before school!!

Silly kids!

Already to leave!!!

Here we go!! (Love Colin's look on his face!!)

Walking the hallways to her class!

Putting her things away

Picking out lunch with her teacher

She had a great 1st day!!! She was excited and happy; got to play on the 'HUGE' playground and did many fun things! She brought home some excellent paperwork she did!!

....and of course, with Taylor in school all day, Colin and I got to hang out together! We cleaned out the garage, watched Caillou, and read his truck books from the library!
Here we are goofing off while making lunch!

Wouldn't you figure, the time I make a goofy face, he's smiling really cute!