Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Colin sleeping

So, I love going in to check on Colin before I go to bed. Why? Because he is always laying under something, on something, or just looking too sweet! When Tim went to check on him the past two nights,this is what he found: his head underneath his elephants truck and him holding onto his Sea Horse that glows...like those gloworms. And of course, like any other kid, with his butt in the air...well at least Taylor did.

Monkey time

I know what I'm going to say may surprise you; I ended up getting a job. ( I know, everyone knew how excited I was about 'retiring'!) For a couple reasons, to gain some what of my sanity back, to get out and meet people, and of course, who doesn't like to have a little extra money?! I work, starting Wednesday night, at the Ralph Lauren Factory store at the Outlet Mall. It is only part-time and I will work nights and days on Sundays. So this is what happens when I leave Tim with the kids...HA! I had orientation on Sunday, so he got to have down time with Taylor...who somehow ended up with monkey's in her hair!

Nursery Rhymes

Taylor was singing Nursery Rhymes out of her favorite book!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Mr Happy

Colin got a new shirt with a birthday giftcard. It fits him to a 'tee'...haa haaa! I crack myself up!

It says "MR. HAPPY".

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Colin's 1 year stats

We made a trip to Burlington for Colin's 1 year doctor appointment. Here are some stats:
Weight: 22 3/4 lb.

Height: 32 inches....(I think, I lost the little sticker.)

I don't seem to have Taylor's 1 year stats....as you can see I'm not good at logging stuff down, or at least getting the darn stickers home!! Ha.
Here are some pictures from our Burlington visit.

Just me and my shadow...


I had made a dentist appointment, so Taylor went with me and Dr. Brunk looked at her teeth too! She did so good she got to pick out a cool toothbrush!

All 3 kids in G-ma's car

Sweet little Gavin

Colin's Birthday weekend

Our weekend began on Friday....we went to Miner Mike's for some games before dinner. Taylor got to spend the night at Fred & Julie's motel. She had a blast with them. Then Saturday, we partied, then had a cookout. After dinner, we went to Pirate's Cove. It was so much fun! It reminded me of all the times, my family went on vacation and wherever we went, we played Mini-golf. Taylor had a fun visit with Jayden. Mandy, my mom, and myself took the two of them down by the pool and splashed our feet in the water. They were so cute holding hands together!!

Eating a cheeseburger....yummy!

Awww...cute cousins!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our Buddy Boy is One!

Well, it's hard to believe a year has passed. How he has changed.....

Both of these pictures are of him at 3 months

6 months

9 months

and....finally, One year old!

Happy 1st Birthday Colin!!

Colin's First Birthday went very well. My parents and Tim's parents, and Mandy drove down for the party. Josh and Chelsea and family were heading home from Kansas City and stopped by as well. Colin of course had no idea what was going on. Taylor eventually took over and opened all of his presents for him. We had a lot of fun. He received clothes, savings bonds, bath toys, a John Deere book, Tonka dump truck, and MegaBlocks that sissy Taylor picked out for him. So far, from Aunt Jenny, she has given each niece/nephew One Share of Stock from a company for their first Birthday. Colin received one share in DreamWorks Animation. Taylor has one share in Disney and Jayden had gotten Pepsi. Colin didn't dive into the cupcakes like I thought he would. The loved the cake itself, but not sure about the frosting. We ended the fun day with a round of mini golf at Pirate's Cove. I'll post more pictures of the whole weekend when I get a chance. I'll stop for now here. Thanks to everyone for driving down here to celebrate! Thanks for the gifts and cards as well! It meant alot to us to have you all here!

Pile up on Colin, so he can kick them off!

We had cupcakes, yummy. I also ordered some personalized M&M's. I was able to choose 3 colors and have a picture printed on them. That is the best picture I could get of them...however, they taste just as good as they look! (Jenny you get some too when you come home!)

The birthday boy eating his 'birthday breakfast' toast!!! He loves bread!