Monday, October 26, 2009

Chelsea's B-day Party

Josh had a surprise b-day party for Chelsea on Saturday. So the kids and I drove up on Friday for the weekend.

My Sparkle Witch!

Their dining room table with dry ice and snacks.

Miss Sassy Lady Bug, Cutest Witch of the Mid-west, and vampire Jayden (of course, hiding behind the skull!!)

Barb-Plain and Joe with the nuts!

Boogey Man!!! (Josh) So creepy!

Frankenstein Cake....Chelsea's mom made this! Isn't it cool! He's looking at you.....

Colin was a little tired.

Officer Heather...ooohhh la la!

Prettiest Witch of the Mid-west! The Birthday girl!

love it!

Mr. and Mrs. Krueger and Spidey!!

Michael Myers gettin' down!

Peyton and Myself!!

Chasing each other...they were having so much fun. Jayden ended up spending the night out with us at mom and dad's house. Mom said that when the 2 of them went to lay down, they were hugging each other and Jayden was saying, "I love you Taylor". I wish I would have been downstairs to see that!! Too precious!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Fun

We went for a walk yesterday to look at the pretty colors and play in the leaves! It was a fun walk! Got to see some beautiful leaves!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Colin at bedtime

Tim trying to get Colin in his bed. Just lately, it'd be time to pick up toys and we'd ask Colin to pick up and he'd just start whining and crying, "My legs are broke". Not sure where he's picked this up, but in this video I was waiting to hear him say it! But he never did. Guess his legs aren't broken after all!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Colors

I took the kids to Ha Ha Tonka Park yesterday, to check out all the colors! It would've been nicer to have the sun out.

After leaving the park, I had found online, a Pumpkin Patch in Linn Creek. We drove there to check it out. It was nice, but we didn't do the fun maze or feed the animals. It was tooo wet and muddy. So we bought this beautiful mum, mini straw, and I let the kids pick out the mini pumpkins/gourds. We'll have to hit that place again when it's drier. But it gave us something to do.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Kids!

Dum dum suckers....all time favorite!!!

They bring out the best in all of us!

Is she my daughter or what????

Taylor's Class Field Trip

On Wednesday, Taylor's Preschool class went on a walking field trip. Colin and I walked along, with other parents and siblings.

Leaving the school....

here one of the firemen put on all of his gear and told the kids not to be scared.

Then we walked outside and all the kids got to climb in the back and sit at the wheel of the BIG firetruck.

Colin kept looking for the horn and pushing all the buttons.

Here is her class!

Taylor in the black long sleeves. It was a fun trip. After the fire department, we walked to Mcdonalds for their dippers and water. Then we headed to the Elementary school across the street to listen to a story. Finally, making our way back to the church where the kids got to play on the playground for awhile, before heading in for goodbye song and prayer. It was a fun filled day! And we had a beautiful day for it!