Sunday, October 18, 2009

Colin at bedtime

Tim trying to get Colin in his bed. Just lately, it'd be time to pick up toys and we'd ask Colin to pick up and he'd just start whining and crying, "My legs are broke". Not sure where he's picked this up, but in this video I was waiting to hear him say it! But he never did. Guess his legs aren't broken after all!


Josh Stevens said...

I'm just waiting to hear, I'm too tired to go to sleep!!

Hee Hee, Gavin's beginning to fuss when it's his time to go to bed. Hope all is well!

Love ya's, Uncle Josh

Anonymous said...

What a funny guy!! Can't wait to see all of you sometime soon Maybe G-Ma can fix your legs Colin! Love to all, G-Ma XOXOlesshoo

Aunt Jenny said...

Too funny! Colin, you're a hoot, buddy boy! Love you and Taylor!