Monday, February 23, 2009

Back to Burlington

As with all our trips back to Burlington, I've always been known to take a 'few' pictures of the kids playing. On Monday was Colin's checkup, which we got into town around 1:30, then headed to that. We ordered the always delicious Happy Joes for dinner!! Yummy! On Tuesday, Kim watched Taylor and I took Colin with me to my dentist appt. He was very good and even got to push the buttons for the xray pix of my teeth. He was so good that Sara (my hygienist) gave him a new toothbrush, which he chewed on the whole day! He was so proud. After lunch at Kim's house, I wanted to go to the store to say "Hi" to all. Which usually takes a good hour, but is always well worth the hour. Not sure if the kids enjoyed it, but it was great to see everyone! On Wednesday, I got to watch Jayden and Gavin for Chelsea. It is always fun to play with them! And I know Taylor and Colin love it to! We had a fun day with them. While in town, my goal was to help Mandy get the Bridal shower/bachelorette party invitations. Which we did! The shower invites are awesome Mandy!! Thanks for letting me help! I had fun! Thursday, Peyton and Kim came out and Taylor got her Kimmie fix!!! We were also anxiously awaiting Tim's arrival in B-ton....YES, he did get to Burlington! It's only taken him a year to get back. Everyone from the store was excited that he was actually going to come back and visit! ( At least I think everyone was, or were they????)
Later that night, he had made plans to meet Andrew, Lindsay, Dave, and Deb at Gators...Thursday Night ritual. We had also made plans to eat dinner there. I love and miss Gators! So we ate dinner and Tim had drinks/dinner! Mom and Dad took our kids home and I stayed to visit with Tim and the gang. On Friday, we just had to eat breakfast at the "best place for Breakfast in Burlington"....Hy-Vee! Tim of course wanted to see the 'old breakfast crew'. It was a great visit! It was great to see everyone! Enjoy!

Peyton eating with us at lunch!

I know they're going to kill me for this on! This is actually a nice pic of the 2 of you!

Cherry donut hole = yummy
ketchup = the perfect condiment
added together = perfect for licking, but not biting into it!
Colin kept dipping his donut hole in the ketchup and would lick it off. Then he finally bit into it and spit it right out! It was pretty hysterical! I have to give him credit for trying 'new' things!
Maybe a new cross merchandising concept...why didn't anyone think of this before... sell the ketchup with the donuts?!

Gavin...turned 1 today!!! (Feb. 23rd!!!) happy birthday Gavin! xoxoxoxoxoxo

OMG, can we say cute!! (I'll send copies!)

small fries

DQ was open!!!!!

taylor was so proud of taking this picture of Peyton! she told me to post this pic!! Love u peyton!

18 Month Checkup

I'm reminiscing...Last Monday was Colin's 18 Month checkup in Burlington. He is 26 lbs. and 34 1/8 inches. He also received 2 shots...there was screaming, but as soon as I was able to pick him up, he was fine and even said, "buh, bye" to the nurse. He was such a good boy and is doing very well! Eats, sleeps, poops, plays, talks, and all that good stuff! Ever since Taylor was a baby, I've loved the staff at Burlington PEDS. That is why I keep Colin's 'month' checkups in Burlington. We will see them again in August!

Look at how little Taylor looks! She was still a baby then too! I can't believe she'll be 4 in April!!

His Birth Announcement doesn't even look like him...he's bald!!

These were taken this past week. I love how his little toes curled on the bars on the horse!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentine's Day

On Friday, Feb 13th, Tim surprised us and personally delivered flowers to Me and Taylor, and a balloon for Colin. Then he stayed for lunch! What a nice surprise! Of course, they both recieved little things from mommy and daddy as well....they both got a shirt, a Thomas ball for Colin and some puff snacks and Taylor got a color book and a suncatcher of Cinderella that we painted!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Super Bowl 3-D

Did anyone else get the cool 3-D glasses for the commercial during the Super Bowl? We did! Taylor was so excited to wear these darn things! Then, by the time the commercial came on, she didn't even wear them! But she wanted to wear them the rest of the night...too bad the game wasn't in 3-D!

Spring was here...

I hope everyone was able to enjoy the day of spring. I sure wish it would have stayed around longer! We took full advantage of it. We spent much of the afternoon at the park in Camdenton. This park is 25-30 minutes away, but its the nicest/biggest park in the area (that I've found). We had lots of fun. Taylor loves to swing and climb up the bars, which she does very good without my help. Today the park had alot more kids and Colin just stood back and watched.

After we left the park, I decided to head to Ha Ha Tonka State Park. I've heard about the park and that there were Castle ruins at the top. I'm glad we did! This was pretty cool. Robert M. Snyder, a wealthy Kansas City businessman, first visited the site in 1903 and was so impressed that he eventually purchased more than 5,000 acres. He envisioned a private retreat with a European-style castle, with a center atrium rising three and one-half stories to a skylight. Snyder also planned an 80-foot-high water tower, greenhouses and a carriage house. Construction began in 1905 only to be halted a year later with the untimely death of Snyder in one of the state's first automobile accidents. Snyder's sons finished building their father's dream, though not quite as elaborately as originally planned. Eventually, the property was leased for use as a hotel, until tragedy struck in 1942. The entire interior was gutted by fire when sparks from a chimney ignited the roof. The carriage house burned the same day and in 1976, the water tower was burned by vandals. Today only ruins remain. ( A little bit of History for you that I copied and pasted! I cheated!) I was pretty amazed at the whole thing!

This was a carriage house

It's a lonnnnnggggggg way down...this made me a little nervous...
Walking up to the front of the Castle; looking into the basement
I would like to go back sometime and just take in the scenery and look a little at the Park itself. It was a pretty big castle too. Kinda neat...wish I had gone here sooner.