Monday, February 23, 2009

Back to Burlington

As with all our trips back to Burlington, I've always been known to take a 'few' pictures of the kids playing. On Monday was Colin's checkup, which we got into town around 1:30, then headed to that. We ordered the always delicious Happy Joes for dinner!! Yummy! On Tuesday, Kim watched Taylor and I took Colin with me to my dentist appt. He was very good and even got to push the buttons for the xray pix of my teeth. He was so good that Sara (my hygienist) gave him a new toothbrush, which he chewed on the whole day! He was so proud. After lunch at Kim's house, I wanted to go to the store to say "Hi" to all. Which usually takes a good hour, but is always well worth the hour. Not sure if the kids enjoyed it, but it was great to see everyone! On Wednesday, I got to watch Jayden and Gavin for Chelsea. It is always fun to play with them! And I know Taylor and Colin love it to! We had a fun day with them. While in town, my goal was to help Mandy get the Bridal shower/bachelorette party invitations. Which we did! The shower invites are awesome Mandy!! Thanks for letting me help! I had fun! Thursday, Peyton and Kim came out and Taylor got her Kimmie fix!!! We were also anxiously awaiting Tim's arrival in B-ton....YES, he did get to Burlington! It's only taken him a year to get back. Everyone from the store was excited that he was actually going to come back and visit! ( At least I think everyone was, or were they????)
Later that night, he had made plans to meet Andrew, Lindsay, Dave, and Deb at Gators...Thursday Night ritual. We had also made plans to eat dinner there. I love and miss Gators! So we ate dinner and Tim had drinks/dinner! Mom and Dad took our kids home and I stayed to visit with Tim and the gang. On Friday, we just had to eat breakfast at the "best place for Breakfast in Burlington"....Hy-Vee! Tim of course wanted to see the 'old breakfast crew'. It was a great visit! It was great to see everyone! Enjoy!

Peyton eating with us at lunch!

I know they're going to kill me for this on! This is actually a nice pic of the 2 of you!

Cherry donut hole = yummy
ketchup = the perfect condiment
added together = perfect for licking, but not biting into it!
Colin kept dipping his donut hole in the ketchup and would lick it off. Then he finally bit into it and spit it right out! It was pretty hysterical! I have to give him credit for trying 'new' things!
Maybe a new cross merchandising concept...why didn't anyone think of this before... sell the ketchup with the donuts?!

Gavin...turned 1 today!!! (Feb. 23rd!!!) happy birthday Gavin! xoxoxoxoxoxo

OMG, can we say cute!! (I'll send copies!)

small fries

DQ was open!!!!!

taylor was so proud of taking this picture of Peyton! she told me to post this pic!! Love u peyton!


mandy said...

cuuuuuuuuuuuute pix and i was so excited to see yas!!! even though i didnt get to see yas all that often :(

oh well, maybe they'll be able to come up for kim's shower

Aunt Jenny said...

Glad to hear everyone had such a good time. Wish I could have been there!

Anonymous said...

We DID have a great time with you guys here!! I love the pics also! Can you believe I forgot to take our camera to Josh's Sun.?? So did Mandy! We'll have to get their camera card from them, I want the real things. See you soon, Love, G-Ma Xxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooo

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