Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day.. Part I

I want to start off by wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year! The Cernin's had a Wonderful Christmas! The kids slowly came out to the living room to see if Santa has arrived. He did!

First we checked to see if the cookies were gone. He had eaten all the cookies, took a bite out of one and left that on the tray, ate the carrots, and drank the milk! He even left Taylor and Colin a note, Thanking them for the cookies and that they have been good kids this year. The look on Taylor's face...priceless. I wish we could have gotten a picture of it. She kept saying the rest of the day, "hey, I've been good!" She was so proud! That was a gift in itself! Too cute!

The kids checked their stockings. Colin got some Tonka cars, 2 books, and an M&M tin. Taylor got a book, M&M tin, LipSmacker lipsticks, and some Play Doh. In each of their stockings, Santa had even written them a note on the wrapping paper that was around the books.

Taylor's new Bike!

Colin opening his gifts

It wasn't alot this year, but Colin for one, would be happy with just about anything...pretty happy go lucky kinda kid. Plus he's still at the age where he isn't sure and it's just another day to him. I felt bad though putting the gifts under the tree the night before. He had 2 gifts and Taylor had 4. (One being the bike). We also figured he'd probably be getting gifts from our families. Taylor on the other hand, was a little more excited this year. All she wanted for Christmas was comfy cozy pants and a bike! Well, she got both of them! She is just the type to get excited over anything (usually not a lot) and loves everything she recieves. At the end of the evening, she turned to Tim and I and said, "I had a good Christmas". Now, what more could you ask for on Christmas? I also asked her "what did you like best? The presents or all of us being a family today?'' Guess what she said, "Being a family"! Need I say more?

Tim's parents are coming down on New Year'e Eve to celebrate. We are looking forward to their visit as well!!

Christmas Day..Part II

Just having some fun at the store! The kids loved it!

Christmas Day..Part III

So this was our trip to the store. We took the kids 'rides' so they could ride them up and down the aisles and in the backroom. I think Taylor would have stayed all day if she could have. It was a great way to spend the day! Colin also enjoyed it. He enjoyed riding it thru the backroom doors and then wanted to play with the stores 'toys' (carts and pallet jacks).

Put her in Mom and Dad's basement and she looks like me

Gotta love Self-timers!

Cute or what?!

Can you hear Tim now, "Make sure you face the label"?

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve...we went to 7PM Mass at our Church in Camdenton. It was a nice service, but not like St. John's 10PM Mass. On our way home, we heard on the radio, what county Santa was in. He was getting pretty close to the Lake. We needed to get home, get jammies on, and set out the milk and cookies for him. Taylor was so excited to help. She and I made the cookies earlier in the day. We even decided to set some carrots on the plate too. Taylor decided it needed to go on the coffee table, not the fireplace, "he might land on them". So,off to bed where I read, "Twas the Night Before Christmas". 10 minutes later....she was out to the world. The children were nestled all snug in their beds, while Santa's little helpers put a bike together.

Christmas with Papa, Grandma, and Aunt Jenny

Since we couldn't make it to Burlington for Christmas, my Mom, Dad, and Jenny drove down on Sunday afternoon and left Tues. morning to celebrate with us. Sunday I had to work, so we held off opening gifts until Monday night. On Monday morning, Mom unloaded their car with gifts....too many! We decided to let Taylor and Colin open one each, since we were making them wait to open them after Tim got home. We needed to run to a couple stores at the mall, ate lunch Wendy's, and to Hy-Vee for dinner groceries. When Tim got home, we ate dinner then it was gift time. Both kids recieved lots of nice clothes and fun toys. Taylor got (just to name a few) some cute clothes, a bowling pin/ball set, Cinderella Tea Set, a Dora game for her Leap Pad, Cootie game, Tinkerbell Jewelry box, dress up clothes (jewelry, shoes and all!), Roller skates. (hope i didn't miss anything!) Colin received super cute clothes, a Aligator xylophone, LeapFrog Caterpiller, 4-wheeler rider, a music player, and a shake'n rumble truck. Thanks again everyone for their gifts! They aren't loved at all, right? Dad made Tim another photo calendar of the kids, to hang in his office and also donated gifts in his name to Toys for Tots and Birthright. I recieved some lounge pants and fleece sweater, a gift card to Bath and Body Works (from Kimmie who drew my name), and The Sex and The City: Movie!!! Whoohoo!! thanks Kimmie!!! To end the evening, what a better way to end it, then while watching "A Christmas Story"???????? Who doesn't LOVE that movie?!!?? It was a lot of fun. Tuesday came and it was sad to see them go, but crappy weather was on its way, and they needed to get ahead of it!

Tea anyone?

drinking and driving

Elmo record and play Phone

Dress up shoes, purse, hat and jewelry

Aligator xylophone

Can't remember what they were watching, but Colin did have his hands in the air and clapping at something with Papa

Is Taylor my daughter or what?

Snugglin' with Aunt Jenny

The mound o' presents under the tree!