Thursday, August 20, 2009


Just some randomness...

I let Colin take a nap in the big bed the other day....he fell right asleep!

"Cheese" pictures of Colin

Eating at Mexicali Blues

I was trying to get a pic of Colin wearing his new Cubs hat from Mandy. We were getting ready to go swimmin'.

My monkey's

This was the storm that moved in the other day too...notice the nice blue sky past the dark evil clouds?!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Colin's 2 year Check-up

On Tuesday, I drove back to Burlington for Colin's 2 year checkup. Here are his stats:

His Weight: 29.25 lbs.
Height: 36 inches

He is 70-80 percentile for his height and 80th percentile for his weight. ( I think, or it's the other way around) Other than that, he is doing great!! He got one shot, screamed and cried, "mommy, hold me. My ouchy hurts". Too sweet!! Got some stickers and he was fine! :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Colin's Party with the Stevens'

Another wonderful weekend with family has come and gone! How come weekends can't be 5 days long and the work week be 2? Only in a 'perfect' world! But what fun we had! Mom, Dad, Josh, Chelsea, Jayden and Gavin, drove down here Friday night. Taylor and Colin were so excited that Jayden and Gavin were going to be here! It was almost 10pm when they got to Osage. I was still at work, so they came by to get the house key...since Tim and the kids were already asleep. On Saturday we woke up and ate cinnamon rolls....yummy!!! The kids enjoyed that. They were all so happy to be together! We decided to go swimming around 11ish, and took , cheese, crackers, lunchmeat, bread, and drinks down to the pool and ate poolside! What a fun and relaxing day. It was very hot down here, but the pool helped us forget that! After swimming a few hours, Mom and Dad wanted to check into their motel. We did that, then went to Pirates Cove. Needless to say, should NOT have been done. It was unbearably hot and humid at that time and both Colin and Jayden were just really not into it. After a couple meltdowns, they were fine, and just putted along! It was fun, but by the end, all the kids, and adults were getting really tired. We headed back to our house, to get ready to grill out. Ate cake and ice cream and then opened some gifts. By 8pm, we were all ready to call it a night. They all headed back to the motel and crashed. Sunday morning, I took Tay and Colin to church with Mom and Dad, Josh and Jayden.
After church, we went home, I ordered pizza from the store, and went to pick it up while everyone headed down to the pool again. There we ate pizza poolside! It was so much fun....once again...I wish the weekends were a little longer. We didn't swim very long, since I had to work at 2, and the fam had to start headin' home. What a great time and lots of memories!

Tay and Jayden enjoying those rolls!

G....or Gavin! muahhh!

Dad and Josh were soo determined to finish that darm puzzle. Tay and Dad had started it, then Tay left him to do it himself...then Josh got involved!

The cake and decos. I did the cake myself! (With Chelsea and Mom's help and creativity!)

Mom and Tay chillin' at the motel

Lightning McQueen! Pretty good for my first 'character' cake!

Colin and Daddy!

It was too funny to watch him blow the candle out...he kept flippin up his bottom lip...probably spitting on it!?

Yeah!! Colin!

Gavin enjoying some cake!!

Jayden: "Happy Birthday Colin". It was so sweet!

Cheese Gavin!

Opening gifts

Yo Joe...wake up!!! Dad's relaxing vacation...maybe too relaxing?

All the kids checkin out all the toys!
He got some clothes, tool box with screwdrivers, hammer, saws, toolbelt, overhead light, from Gma and Papa. Josh, Chels, and the boys got him Matchbox cars, a red semi that looks like a Hy-Vee truck, monster truck, and bubbles.
Papa and Colin watching the DVD Papa made for Colin. It's a dvd of pictures of Colin and Papa! It's really neat and Colin absolutely LOVES watching it! Dad has made DVD's for all the kids on their b-days....they are pretty special to us!

Taylor fixing things!

On his actual birthday, (Aug. 10th), he woke up to this. Sunday night, I stayed up to put together a train table for his Thomas trains. The table was easy to put together. But he trying to connect the two train collections together, uhhh...I was so frustrated and sweating on figuring out how to connect them all. But thanks to Taylor, she helped me figure it out.

Choo chooo!!

Opening the card from Taylor

This little putter set was from Taylor. I think she wishes it was hers!

Colin: 'Thanks Tay Tay' Too sweet!

I have to work tonight, but after the kids naps, we are going to Miner Mike's for some fun and games!!! Thanks all for the gifts and cards and birthday wishes for Colin!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Colin's Party with the Cernin's

Grandma and Papa Cernin drove down on Friday for the weekend. We were celebrating Colin's birthday with them.

Colin eating one of Grandma's chocolate chip cookies. Every morning he'd wake up, "Cookie". That's what he wanted. :)

This is the AWESOME bookcase that Papa made for Colin. He calls it "my house". He loves it.

And he loves crawling thru it!

Papa and Colin on his John Deere

After dinner on Friday, we went to none other than Pirates Cove!!! Colin even got a Hole in one!! We couldn't believe it! He's taking after his sister. Taylor and I both got Hole in one's as well.

Colin would hit the ball, then pick it up and put it right next to the hole and hit it in! It was too cute and funny!

"Little Miss" gettin' ready to putt!

Grandma and the kiddos!

ARRRRGGGHHH!!! Yeah, that's me on the left. They give out a pirate mask and flag. So Tay and I sported the masks!! It was fun!

Who's the mean pirate on the left?

Papa and Colin's "house"

The party setup

She was so excited he got a CARS cake!

Opening gifts... he got a couple books for his new bookcase, and some Thomas the Tank train sets.

His T-Rex for the train set

Playing with the trains...

Cake time!!

It took him a few puffs to finally blow that candle out, but he did it!!! I can't believe he's going to be 2!

He is not my child....hardly even touching the cake...ugh! I think he had some frosting. As did Taylor...she LOVES frosting!

It was a fun weekend. Tim and I worked so the grandparents could spend as much time with them. On Saturday, they took the kids to Target to (what we thought was) "look" at some toys.
Well, they came home with more cars, trucks, card games, a little Mermaid camera and Tinkerbell radio for Tay. They had also spent a couple hours at Miner Mike's! They rode the train, played Deal or No Deal and skeeball. My kids could spend all day there. They had a great time. They had also gone on walks around the condo and swimming! I don't know who was more wore out...the kids or the grandparents!?