Wednesday, January 28, 2009

All bundled and ready to play in the snow. Guess who didn't like to sit or climb in the snow? Colin! I swear! The kid gets into everything else. He loves stomping in puddles, but he didn't like the snow! Go figure. Taylor on the other hand, loved playing in it. I wish we had a hill near by and we would have been out there all day! Colin was out for maybe 15 minutes, before deciding to take him inside for a nap. So Taylor and I went for a walk. She loves making snow angels and does very good! It was a little hard for her to get turned back around and stand up, but that's all she wanted to do.

"I can't put my arms down!" This was all I could think of after I had him bundled up. He was literally walking with his arms up in the air!

Taylor's snow angel

Nice shot of me and my snow angel

These are step buried in snow. Taylor and I sat down next to each other and layed back...we both stood up and just laughed at our imprints!

After snow angels, Taylor wanted to go make snowballs. So, we had a snowball fight! How it reminded me of being a kid again! She was having so much fun. I would have loved to have stayed out longer, but she had gotten me a couple times in the face and we were both getting cold!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!

Winter has finally made an appearance at the Lake. As I type this now, the snow is coming down pretty good (big looks so pretty) and landing on top the sleet we received this AM (with thunderstorms). While Colin napped, I dressed Taylor up and we went outside. She liked brushing the sleet/snow off my car and stomping thru the piles the crews had plowed. We walked down by the water and by that time she said, "my chin is cold". So, it was probably 10 minutes, but she had a good time!

Yes, these are our kids!

Colin will disappear every so often and return with a stocking hat, gloves, and someone's shoes on. It's too funny. So when Taylor sees him doing this, she wants to join him. So lastnight, they both dressed up.

Colin in Tim's shoes.

This was a few days ago, but thought I'd throw it in here. He is in Taylor's shoes and I love how he has gotten this hat on!

Colin is now wearing 1 glove, Taylor's hat, and wearing her red shoes.

She is now wearing Colin's stocking barely fits around her neck! What a hoot!

Tea and Rice Krispies

Taylor and I had a tea party yesterday in her room. She makes wonderful Tea and makes a very good hot chocolate which she pours over her cookie and stirs it up on her plate! It was alot of fun. We even made 'real hot chocolate' to put in our tea cups, but she didn't want to try it.

I needed my pinky in the air!

She even makes the 'shhhh' sound when she pours her tea!! Too cute!
So, since the hot chocolate in the cups didn't work, we then decided to make Rice Krispie treats! My specialty! I made 2 batches because our plan was to wrap some up for Tim's trip to Des Moines. Taylor had fun making them and even tried the melted marshmallow and the final product!

Yummy!!! Well, we finished them and after all that, we forgot to send some with Tim...oops! They'll still be here Thursday! ( I hope!! They are very good!!)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Kids In the Kitchen

On Saturday, the store held a 'Kids In the Kitchen'. I took Taylor since she seemed to enjoy last months session. When we got there Cayln Krecklow was going too. Calyn and her sister Katie have been over to our house a couple times. Before starting, everyone got to peel some clementines and eat them. Today's recipes included a Taco soup with ground turkey, beans, corn, ranch mix, and tomatoes. The kids got to stand around Mindy, (the store's dietician) and help mix in the ingredients and stir. While that cooked, the kids then went to prepare some bread. Each kid got a piece of dough and shaped it to whatever they wanted. Taylor's was just a glob of dough. She wanted it to be a surprise. They brushed it with egg wash and put it in the toaster oven. Then they moved over to the fruit bowls. They each spooned out a half of an orange then poured in some yogurt, bananas, and granola. This was my favorite, as well as Colin's. After they ate a little of the fruit bowl. The breads were done. After that I'm not sure what was made. It was a mixture of macaroni noodles, buttermilk, and some other stuff. I was in and out of the room, chasing Colin and holding new born baby Kennedy, while Mommy went to mix a bottle. I know Taylor had a great time. She has such a great time helping out with things, stirring, mixing, etc. We will definitely be there next time! (They even got to wear the cute little aprons.)

Everyone got a chance to shake up the buttermilk for the mac n cheese casserole Mindy was prepping.

Our delicious orange bowl with strawberry yogurt and bananas...minus granola. Colin liked the yogurt.

Yummy bread. I think she didn't put garlic on hers, but she enjoyed it anyway.

Cutting up bananas for our fruit bowls.

Brushing their dough with egg wash.

Making garlic bread

"No mommy, I didn't touch that lamp."

Taylor opened the taco seasoning to add in.

Watching Mindy add ingredients to the taco soup.

Calyn peeling her clementine.

Peeling a Clementine....yummy! However, Colin and I enjoyed them!! I think both girls liked doing this.