Wednesday, January 28, 2009

All bundled and ready to play in the snow. Guess who didn't like to sit or climb in the snow? Colin! I swear! The kid gets into everything else. He loves stomping in puddles, but he didn't like the snow! Go figure. Taylor on the other hand, loved playing in it. I wish we had a hill near by and we would have been out there all day! Colin was out for maybe 15 minutes, before deciding to take him inside for a nap. So Taylor and I went for a walk. She loves making snow angels and does very good! It was a little hard for her to get turned back around and stand up, but that's all she wanted to do.

"I can't put my arms down!" This was all I could think of after I had him bundled up. He was literally walking with his arms up in the air!

Taylor's snow angel

Nice shot of me and my snow angel

These are step buried in snow. Taylor and I sat down next to each other and layed back...we both stood up and just laughed at our imprints!

After snow angels, Taylor wanted to go make snowballs. So, we had a snowball fight! How it reminded me of being a kid again! She was having so much fun. I would have loved to have stayed out longer, but she had gotten me a couple times in the face and we were both getting cold!


Anonymous said...

Glad Taylor had such fun, wish she and Jayden could play together sometime. Too bad Colin wasn't as thrilled, but maybe next year! Be sure not to leave him alone too long inside by himself-- this is the Grandma in me talking! Have fun, Love G-Ma XO XO

aunt mandy said...

aww...that looks like a lot of fun!!! hope we still have a bunch of snow when you guys come up here :) cant wait to see yas

aunt jenny said...

Yeah, Taylor and Colin (and Mom) got to play in some snow!! Glad to hear you got some instead of the usual ice. Love the snow angels on the steps!