Monday, March 8, 2010

My B-day Weekend

My parents came down on Friday for the weekend. On Saturday, we just HAD to go to Miner Mike's! Even though it was my Birthday, we went for the kids! Ha! Taylor won 1000 tickets on one game alone! I couldn't believe it and she was so excited! We had to ride the train, play Deal or No Deal, and of course, Skee-ball! Since last summer, we had saved all our tickets and finally turned them in on Saturday. We had a grand total of 8,500(+) tickets! We were able to pick out the Wii Mario Cart game! We are loving it. Yes, it probably would have been cheaper to just go buy the game itself, but Taylor was super excited to get it. (Plus, it's better than getting all the little 'cheap' stuff that ends up breaking before you even get it home!) We grilled out Sat. night, followed by cake and ice cream!
Sunday we met Tim at the store for breakfast, then went to the park for awhile. My folks left when I had to go to work at 2. It was a fun weekend and it was (as always) great to see my parents!!!!
As of right now, we are closing on our house, April 12th. The date seems so far away, but I know it will be come up on us very fast. In the meantime, I've been packing as much as I can. I am however, dreading the 'deep' cleaning of this condo. You know, just the neccessary cleaning when moving out of a place. Plus, it makes it a little hard, when you still have to live in the place and have 2 kids running around, tearing things up! We are going to miss living at the Lake (especially the heated pool...oh yeah, and all our friends we've made!!! hee hee), but are very much looking forward to being closer to family! Just another chapter in our lives that God has chosen for us.