Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tea and Rice Krispies

Taylor and I had a tea party yesterday in her room. She makes wonderful Tea and makes a very good hot chocolate which she pours over her cookie and stirs it up on her plate! It was alot of fun. We even made 'real hot chocolate' to put in our tea cups, but she didn't want to try it.

I needed my pinky in the air!

She even makes the 'shhhh' sound when she pours her tea!! Too cute!
So, since the hot chocolate in the cups didn't work, we then decided to make Rice Krispie treats! My specialty! I made 2 batches because our plan was to wrap some up for Tim's trip to Des Moines. Taylor had fun making them and even tried the melted marshmallow and the final product!

Yummy!!! Well, we finished them and after all that, we forgot to send some with Tim...oops! They'll still be here Thursday! ( I hope!! They are very good!!)


aunt mandy said...

i hope that was good tea you had tay!!! i hope we can have a tea party when you come up!!!

also, tell mommy to make some rice krispy treats to bring them up :) hehe

aunt jenny said...

Yum yum yum! That tea party sure looks like fun - and I can almost taste those rice krispie treats from here. I love those things!

Anonymous said...

I never left a message about what a fun tea party you had and a good job making the Rice Krispies!! Yum, yum!! You ar e sooo grown up! Love, G-Ma Xxxxx Oooooooooo