Thursday, August 20, 2009


Just some randomness...

I let Colin take a nap in the big bed the other day....he fell right asleep!

"Cheese" pictures of Colin

Eating at Mexicali Blues

I was trying to get a pic of Colin wearing his new Cubs hat from Mandy. We were getting ready to go swimmin'.

My monkey's

This was the storm that moved in the other day too...notice the nice blue sky past the dark evil clouds?!


mandy said...

he is such a cheeser like peyton :)

Anonymous said...

Colin is just too cute in that bed! and on the chair and in the hat and everything!!! Tay too!! Love em to death, Love G-Ma XO XO

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of them all especially of Colin sleeping. I love it. Go Cubs Go!

Love, Papa xoxo

Aunt Jenny said...

That pic of Colin at Mexicali Blues looks so much like you Bec! I guess he IS yours :). Oh, I could eat him up! Weird clouds, too! Cool!

The Arnold Family said...

Ca-UTE beebs!!!

And I love storms.