Thursday, August 13, 2009

Colin's 2 year Check-up

On Tuesday, I drove back to Burlington for Colin's 2 year checkup. Here are his stats:

His Weight: 29.25 lbs.
Height: 36 inches

He is 70-80 percentile for his height and 80th percentile for his weight. ( I think, or it's the other way around) Other than that, he is doing great!! He got one shot, screamed and cried, "mommy, hold me. My ouchy hurts". Too sweet!! Got some stickers and he was fine! :)


Anonymous said...

Colin, you were such a brave little boy, or I should say BIG boy. I'm happy I could go with you and thanks for coming to our house. We love you, G-MA XO XO

The Arnold Family said...

That is great about the shots. No fuss = no problem!

So you opted to not switch to a local doctor? What is your plan if your children get sick?