Monday, August 3, 2009

Colin's Party with the Cernin's

Grandma and Papa Cernin drove down on Friday for the weekend. We were celebrating Colin's birthday with them.

Colin eating one of Grandma's chocolate chip cookies. Every morning he'd wake up, "Cookie". That's what he wanted. :)

This is the AWESOME bookcase that Papa made for Colin. He calls it "my house". He loves it.

And he loves crawling thru it!

Papa and Colin on his John Deere

After dinner on Friday, we went to none other than Pirates Cove!!! Colin even got a Hole in one!! We couldn't believe it! He's taking after his sister. Taylor and I both got Hole in one's as well.

Colin would hit the ball, then pick it up and put it right next to the hole and hit it in! It was too cute and funny!

"Little Miss" gettin' ready to putt!

Grandma and the kiddos!

ARRRRGGGHHH!!! Yeah, that's me on the left. They give out a pirate mask and flag. So Tay and I sported the masks!! It was fun!

Who's the mean pirate on the left?

Papa and Colin's "house"

The party setup

She was so excited he got a CARS cake!

Opening gifts... he got a couple books for his new bookcase, and some Thomas the Tank train sets.

His T-Rex for the train set

Playing with the trains...

Cake time!!

It took him a few puffs to finally blow that candle out, but he did it!!! I can't believe he's going to be 2!

He is not my child....hardly even touching the cake...ugh! I think he had some frosting. As did Taylor...she LOVES frosting!

It was a fun weekend. Tim and I worked so the grandparents could spend as much time with them. On Saturday, they took the kids to Target to (what we thought was) "look" at some toys.
Well, they came home with more cars, trucks, card games, a little Mermaid camera and Tinkerbell radio for Tay. They had also spent a couple hours at Miner Mike's! They rode the train, played Deal or No Deal and skeeball. My kids could spend all day there. They had a great time. They had also gone on walks around the condo and swimming! I don't know who was more wore out...the kids or the grandparents!?


Anonymous said...

Colin what an awesome bookcase Papa Cernin made for you!!You are such a big boy now!! I can't wait to see you guys this weekend and celebrate with Colin too. It looks like you did lots of fun things with them too. I hope we can do fun things too. We will see you soon, Love G-Ma XO XO

aunt mandy said...

i love your bookcase colin!!! i mean you house...papa cernin did an EXCELLENT job (as always) sounds like you had a lot of fun this weekend and it looks that way too...i cant wait until i can come down again....i wish i could come down this weekend for your birthday party, but i'll see you next week when you come up!!! love you buddy boy :)

Aunt Jenny said...

Wow - what a great bookcase, Colin. Papa Cernin, you did a fantastic job on it (of course). Glad to hear the birthday weekend was a blast.

The Arnold Family said...

Aw this looks like so much fun! And love the cake!

小小彬 said...