Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentine's Day

On Friday, Feb 13th, Tim surprised us and personally delivered flowers to Me and Taylor, and a balloon for Colin. Then he stayed for lunch! What a nice surprise! Of course, they both recieved little things from mommy and daddy as well....they both got a shirt, a Thomas ball for Colin and some puff snacks and Taylor got a color book and a suncatcher of Cinderella that we painted!


aunt mandy said...

i had so much fun with you guys this weekend!!! i was glad to see tim...yes, i miss him too...hehe :)

cant wait til you guys are back up here again!!!!

Aunt Jenny said...

Wow! What a nice surprise from Tim! Sounds like you all had a nice V-day!

Anonymous said...

What a nice surprise!!! I bet everyone enjoyed the gifts! Thanks again for coming and staying for a nice visit. Miss ya already, Love Mom/G-Ma XO XO