Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Kids!

Dum dum suckers....all time favorite!!!

They bring out the best in all of us!

Is she my daughter or what????


Anonymous said...

If both of them aren't your kids, I don't know who they would be. It looks like they were enjoying themselves. YUMMY! Cherry DUM DUMS are my favorite

Love, Papa xo

Anonymous said...

I just checked your blog this aft and lo and behold there's something new !! Looks like they were a big hit--My favorite is blueberry!! Love ys, G-Ma XOXO

Aunt Jenny said...

Dum Dums rock!

aunt mandy said...

taylor is DEFINITELY your daughter beckah....i thought that right when i saw the picture of taylor sticking her tongue out...hehe

dum dums DO rock!!! cream soda, my fav :)

The Arnold Family said...

Cute beebs! Mmmm. Dum Dum's are pretty tasty!

小小彬 said...