Monday, October 26, 2009

Chelsea's B-day Party

Josh had a surprise b-day party for Chelsea on Saturday. So the kids and I drove up on Friday for the weekend.

My Sparkle Witch!

Their dining room table with dry ice and snacks.

Miss Sassy Lady Bug, Cutest Witch of the Mid-west, and vampire Jayden (of course, hiding behind the skull!!)

Barb-Plain and Joe with the nuts!

Boogey Man!!! (Josh) So creepy!

Frankenstein Cake....Chelsea's mom made this! Isn't it cool! He's looking at you.....

Colin was a little tired.

Officer Heather...ooohhh la la!

Prettiest Witch of the Mid-west! The Birthday girl!

love it!

Mr. and Mrs. Krueger and Spidey!!

Michael Myers gettin' down!

Peyton and Myself!!

Chasing each other...they were having so much fun. Jayden ended up spending the night out with us at mom and dad's house. Mom said that when the 2 of them went to lay down, they were hugging each other and Jayden was saying, "I love you Taylor". I wish I would have been downstairs to see that!! Too precious!


Anonymous said...

Jayden and G-Ma love the pics. We had an awesome time!! Thanks for coming!!! Love to all, Jayden and G-Ma XO XO

mandy said...

taylor looked absolutely darling in her outfit, i loved it...especially love the one of her on the floor looking up at the camera...definitely had a blast at the party, josh(boogeyman) did a great job and glad you guys were able to make it up...

enjoy the movies...hehe

The Arnold Family said...

Glad you guys had a great time! Ok, question: If it was a suprise, how did Chelsea dress up? And who decorated and did all the goodies??

Cernin4 said...

Jordan- Josh did all the planning and my mom helped with the snacks. She got dressed with Heather at their mom's house and the house was mainly already decorated for Halloween! Josh did some details! It was fun!

The Arnold Family said...

Wow Josh did such a good job!

What did they tell her she was dressing up for?

Aunt Jenny said...

Looks like an awesome party! Hope you had a great bday, Chelsea! Wish I could have been there!