Friday, September 19, 2008

Just like Mama!

Does this remind any of you of watching home movies of me pulling my phone? Colin gets a little upset if the phone magically turns upside down and can't figure out how? I turn it for him and he continues on!


Aunt Jenny said...

What a riot! Like mother, like son!

Anonymous said...

Great video, yep, just like Mama.
Becky, have Taylor lead him and do we would do up here and have her say march, march, march.... and so on. See if she'll be able to do that for Papa. I love it.
Love and kisses, Papa xo

Anonymous said...

Of course it's you!! Ya ought to use the "real" one we got from Cracker Barrel and see if it has a longer cord. It's so short for him, no wonder he gets a little mad! It is absolutely darling!! Taylor don't even think about stepping on that phone!! Ha! Love yas, G-MA

aunt mandy said...

how looks like you have a lot of fun with that phone colin!!