Saturday, July 30, 2011

City Museum

With the high temp of 104 in St. Louis last Friday, we still decided to go to the City Museum. We just told the kids we won't be climbing on the 'outdoor' things. The kids love this Museum. If you have never been here, click on the link for a tour!!!! Hours upon hours of endless climbing, sliding, and imagination!!! I have never climbed up so many things!!! It was super fun.

The "Rooftop". This was open today too. Just didn't make it up there with the weather being to unbearable!

The Monster slide. 3 stories long!!

Climbing to the unknown...which it really take one path and you're not sure where it brings you out to!

They fell!!

Hall of mirrors

Fire truck hanging out of the building

Taylor and Colin climbing up.....

and back down....

another fun slide...

As much energy as they burnt while there, they were still full of energy the whole 5 hour drive home!!! I would have to say this was the funnest trip with them yet. Colin is older and was able to be involved in a lot more of what Taylor could do. And since they climbed together alone, I felt better with the 2 of them...watching out for each other!!


Anonymous said...

i remember the museum was sooooooooooo fun! I went on a few of the climbing things too. Wasn't sure if I'd get out on some of them. Glad you went there too!They are getting so big. Next year will be even better! Love, Mom

aunt Jenny said...

how I'd LOVE to see this place! It looks soooooo cool!