Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Colin and I being silly making lunch

Miss Taylor ready for her school pictures!!

I love decorating this time of year! It's even more fun since I can decorate a 'Home'!

Well, school is underway. Taylor is really liking it. I just hope her attitude continues throughout the year! She really enjoys PE, art, library time, and recess. At the end of each day, she pulls her folder out with all her drawings and school work and shows me what's she learned to do. It's amazing the things she picks up so quickly. I sure as heck don't remember the things I learned in Kindergarten...let alone the stuff as a senior in high school! ha! But she really enjoys it.
We've been keeping busy with many other things too. Hanging outside with the neighbors is high on the list. It won't be long and we won't be able to do that. :( We usually congregate to one house, let the kids play, 'beverages' for the adults, and have a great time! We have such a great neighborhood, filled with wonderful friends!!
We attend all of Kelton's (our nephew) home football games. The kids love going! Cheering on the Cougars!!! Woot wooot!!
Weekends don't last long enough either. Whether it be functions that Tim and I attend, or family get together's to watch the Hawks win!! One weekend, Tim and I went to Des Moines and my parents came up and spent the night at a hotel with the kids. The kids had a great time with them swimming and relaxin' it up, hotel style. They also had a sleep over at Uncle Andy and Aunt Kristin's house. They sure love their dogs!!! They walk them and even fell asleep next to them.
Tim has just finished his first end of the year inventory at his store. What a crazy few months this has been!!! And to think, it's only gonna be crazier with the Holidays fast approaching!
Well, just a little insight to what we have been up to. Hope all is well with everyone!


Anonymous said...

I love the pics of you and Colin and of course Grown-up Miss Taylor!! I know the school pics will be great!! I really miss seeing all of you and getting to do things with you and the kids. Hope this weekend works out so we can get together. Love to all, Mom

The Arnold Family said...

Thanks for the update!

Your neighborhood sounds wonderful...what a blessing. It is such a gift to have good neighbors. We have had both, and having difficult neighbors really puts a damper on life.