Friday, October 29, 2010

We carved our pumpkins lastnight. I should say, Stacy and I carved them. I LOVE carving pumpkins. The kids on the other hand, watch for a little bit, then find something else to do. Oh well, I had fun. Stacy decided to carve the "Little Darling's" (on the far left). I think she was kicking herself for picking it, since there were soo many small details to it. It turned out pretty cool! I carved the Spooky house and Silly face, for Taylor and Colin. The house was tricking. I pretty much 'winged' it after I started cutting. I'm pretty impressed with my 'skills'! Ha! I





Anonymous said...

You really DO have alot of skills! They looked awesome! I like to carve them too, it brings back sooooooooo many memories of you guys. Have fun, Mom

Aunt Jenny said...

The jack-o-lanterns look awesome! Wowza!