Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas with Gma and Papa Cernin

Gma and Papa Cernin came down the Sunday after Christmas and stayed thru Wednesday the 30th. I had to work until 7, so by the time I got home, the kids were anxiously waiting for me, so they could open their gifts.

Colin got a WALL-E robot

A CD karaoke player

Gma made Colin a "Thomas" quilt!

Here are the next Singing Superstars!

Our big family gift was a wii. Here is Gma bowling!

Nintendo has come a lonnnngggg way...from it's 1st game system. This is so much fun!

Taylor playing baseball...she has also been doing VERY well in Tennis and Golf!

Papa boxing

This boxing game is good cardio!

Here area couple videos of the two of them singing. Notice Colin just bouncing with the beat of the music. They put on a show for a couple hours! It was so much fun!

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Anonymous said...

Wow what fun!! They both sang so well, dare I say Colin takes after Tim?? It is absolutely darling! They are two lucky kids. Miss yas, Love G-Ma XO XO