Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas at the Cernin's was not how we planned. On Christmas Eve day, both kids had fevers and were laying around. Well, Colin would have little bursts of energy, then he'd crash hard on the couch! So we took it easy all day.

This is Santa's Magical Key. You hang it on your front doorknob so Santa can get inside. Taylor was so excited to hang it!!! To see the excitement in her face this year was priceless.

Here she is helping me bake sugar cookies. Nothing like waiting to the last minute to bake cookies for Santa. It was so much fun.

The finished product....minus the icing of course!

Taylor and I ended up going to church, while Tim stayed home with Colin...only to get sick himself.

Our cookies and milk for Santa, and even some lettuce for the reindeer!

Checkin' out the goods! They'd been good kids!

Santa's note and key for the kids. The reindeer even left a mess!

Their new ornaments for the year: Colin got a Toy Story one, and Taylor got a Cinderella.

"Mean Old Lady" movie= Wizard of Oz.

Is he excited or what? Monsters vs. Alien DVD

Taylor got Hungry Hippo!

This was our gift from Taylor. She did this at preschool! I LOVE IT!!! It will hang all year round!

All that topped off, with Cinnamon rolls for breakfast!! Yummy!

Tim was sick all day Christmas. So we didn't get to go to the store and let the kids ride their bikes, like planned. However, I think the kids had a great day and we kept busy with all the new toys!


The Arnold Family said...

Wonderful pictures.

We always wait until Christmas Eve to bake the cookies. Kind of a tradition for us!

Anonymous said...

Good looking cookies Taylor! I'd love a bite! Looks like you had fun anyway--Santa thought you were both good I see. Can't wait to see you hopefully soon, Love G-Ma XO XO