Friday, January 8, 2010

Gma and Papa Stevens visit

Taylor had her 1st Christmas Program on Dec. 15th. My parents came down for it. They also brought the kids gifts down!

Colin and his new bike!!

Taylor's doll house.

showin' papa our train!

Taylor singing...she is the 3rd angel from the left!

Walking down the aisle with her classmates!

Taylor is 2nd from left. The program was really cute! They told the story of how Baby Jesus was born and sang songs.


mandy said...

looks like the kids had so much fun with both sets of grandparents :)

i know jenny and i had a blast with them!!! miss yas lots and lots

Anonymous said...

I like the fireworks Bec! The pics of the program are alot better than ours! We had lots of fun, thanks for letting us stay. Taylor, you did an awesome job at your Christmas Program! You were the BEST angel ever! Ilove you tons!!! Love, G=Ma XO XO