Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Taylor's 1st Day of Preschool

Taylor started Preschool on Monday. She is in the MWF PM class and goes from 12:15-3:15. She is, so far, having a good time. Monday night, I layed in bed with her and she kept talking about her day, "then we did this, then we went outside," etc. Taylor: "I had fun at school". So that made is easier for me! :)

They were allowed to bring a 'Zoo' animal to school with them for their Zoo day. She took her musical Giraffe.

We met Tim at the store for lunch before we took her over.

Outside of her school

Taylor's name on monkey

The hook for her bag.

Play-Doh...doesn't get any better than that!


Anonymous said...

As i said before, I love the pics! Will pay you for them when I see you next. Hope she enjoys the rest of the year as well. talk to ya later, Mom

Aunt Jenny said...

Taylor you look so beautiful and so grown up! I'm glad you like school. It's sounds like you're going to have a lot of fun there! Love you!

The Arnold Family said...

Aww! First day of school is so fun. We homeschool, but Ty did go to public preschool for 2 years. Those first days were always so bitter sweet. But her outfit was darling!