Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome Fall!

Yes, Fall has arrived. I had wished that summer had only lasted a little longer down here. We've enjoyed the pool far more this year than last year. (Thanks to the heater!) However, I love this time of year. I've had all the patio doors open for the past 2 weeks and finally got my fall scented candles out today. What is it about the cool breeze, the leaves changing different beautiful colors, or the smell of burning leaves? Or maybe it's waking up and sitting on the deck with a cup of coffee?! I don't know. But I LOVE it. I'm looking forward to looking across the Lake and watching the trees change colors, and taking walks with the kids to show them the colors of nature. ( I know I normally don't blog about this serious/sentimental kinda stuff...but I love this time of year. I only makes me want to be with my family more! Maybe it's because the "BIG" holidays are around the corner and it's all about family!) I just hope everyone gets to enjoy the beautiful fall weather! Could we have two, Fall seasons, instead of the Winter? Probably not!
(Jordan....I LOVE your blog theme. I got my idea from you...I hope you don't mind!)
So, on that note, here are some pictures from the Fall Festival that was a couple weekends ago. The kids, as always, LOVED the inflatable houses, slides, and obstable course. Last year, Colin was not old/big enough to go in/on by himself. So this year he was able to enjoy it.

In the Disney Bounce House

This was the start of the obstacle course one. Colin made it thru the whole thing without any help!

Slidin' down at the end of the course.

It was pretty warm that day too. So when we got home, I decided to head down to the pool for awhile. We came back up and Colin zonked out on the couch. He was a tired little guy!


mandy said...

aww...looks like it was fun...cant wait to see ya's this weekend!!!! im just hoping i can because im hoping to get to the doctor and see why im still sick...my throat is very sore and my cough is almost as bad as ever :(

Anonymous said...

Hey, it looks like you had a lot of fun! Glad they could both enjoy it! Colin is getting so big,and of course Taylor is so darling!! Wish we could come for that weekend sometime, just to see them have so much fun. I also am ready for Fall! I lit a candle over the week end myself so we must be thinking alike. Scary, Huh?? Love to all, Mom/G-Ma xoxo Love the new Fall deco on the blog!!

Gourmet Candles Distributor said...

Those slides are so much fun for the little ones. We usually go to an orchard that has a great big one when we are done picking apples and getting pumpkins.

Aunt Jenny said...

I know, Bec. Fall is one of my favorite times of year, too. Can't wait to get my candles out, too. I took the kids apple picking yesterday. That afternoon we made up some simple apple crisp. The house smelled so good! If only it hadn't been 80 degrees... Glad to hear Colin was able to join in on the fun this year. Hugs and kisses!