Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jayden's Birthday

I drove up to Burlington last Saturday for Jayden's birthday. He turned 4 this year and had a Train theme.

Gavin eating the ice cream out of his cone:)

The 'Amtrak' cake!

Taylor playing ball!

Conductor Josh


Josh made the railroad crossing

My darling 4 year old Jayden!! love you Jayden!! Many more Happy Birthdays!!

Peyton rode in my car over to the party!
Such a little ham!!!


mandy said...

not only is gavin eating the ice cream out of the cone, but he is eating it out of the cone with a KNIFE!! haha...what a funny kid...

such a cute pic of taylor and jayden...and especially taylor and jayden squeezing colin for a hug :)

josh did an excellent job on that railroad crossing...i didnt even know josh made it...i couldnt believe it!! hehe...

and peyton is such a cheeser :)

glad to see you guys this weekend...cant wait to come down the end of the month!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Good pics!! I forgot you took those of the kids hugging, maybe when you come up I can print some from your card.? I'm thrilled Taylor had such a good time at school, hope it keeps up. Love to all, G-Ma XO XO

小小彬 said...