Saturday, September 24, 2011

Odds and ends.....

Just some pictures.....

Doesn't he look pretty in pink!!!??

At Applebee's with Papa...

photo op's at Tim's store picnic

So serious...

My beautiful girl :)

Well, not sure if you all know, Kim is moving back to IOWA!!!! YAY!!! ANDDD.....she's moving to Marion!!!! She has accepted the Human Resources Mgr Position. She starts Oct. 3.

Tim had a golf tourney in Burlington one Sunday, so we went down & visited the fam.

Peyton riding Jayden's scooter

Watch out Gavin, he'll eat your finger!

Of course, we can't have all 5 (soon to be 6 in March!!!!) kids together and not get a pic of all of them. However, we had to bribe them for a wagon ride up to the pond for the pic!!

Peyton 3 (4 in Dec.)

Colin 4

Tay 6 1/2

Jayden 6

Gavin 3 (4 in Feb.)

Colin's sleeping position:

Yes, this is how he fell asleep one night!!

All sprawled out one morning...

he's contemplating something...

maybe the hall light was bothering him?!

The school year seems to be in full swing. Colin goes to preschool/daycare 3 days/week. He seems to really enjoy it and is always excited to see me and show me his school work. He came home on his 1st day and said, "I didn't even go to the principal's office!" God love him!

Taylor is enjoying 1st grade. However, she has gotten to be the little social butterfly...not in a good way. She and another classmate seem to be quite the chatterbugs...giggling; and have even had their desks seperated on the 3 day of school! I couldn't believe it. But that has now changed. She is also enrolled in YFF (Youth Faith Formation) at St. Joseph. I am assisting the class as well.

I am working 2 days/week. Yes, I know it's not alot, but I still feel so busy! It's been a pretty crazy month...

Tim's store is really taking shape. Click on the link to see pictures of his store remodel. It's keeping him really busy....along with running the store.

Family News:

Jenny is engaged and is planning a July wedding!! The wedding will take place out in NJ! It will be so much fun! Can't wait!

Josh and Chelsea are expecting their 3rd baby in March!!!!!! (Maybe a Mar. 6th baby perhaps??!!) YAY!! Girl or Boy??!! Place your bets! Either way, it will be nice to have another baby to spoil!

Kim and Peyton are moving to Marion!! She will be working at the Marion Hy-Vee...with me!!!! She will be the new Human Resource Manager and starts Oct. 3rd! She and Peyton have found a home already, but can't move in until Oct. 7th.

Mandy has been back in Burlington since the end of June. She is back working fullt-time at Burl #2!!

Just a little insight to our family and the Stevens' family! Hope all is well with everyone!



aunt mandy said...

love these pix as well....such funny pix of colin sleeping....what a crackup :)

Anonymous said...

So happy to see this blog and finally able to get on and check it out!!! Love all the pics of course. See ya soon, Mom