Saturday, September 24, 2011

Colin's Preschool Open House

Colin's school open house was this past week. My parents drove up and Gma Cernin drove over to visit his school. He was super excited to show us his room....more importantly, the playground!!

Mrs. Paulson's Class.

They have a growth chart in the room also. Can you see Colin is one of the tallest!!!

His picture when he gets to school. He takes this off the door and sticks it under the "At School" column.

These leaves are part of their Leaves of Love wall. For each good thing they do, they get a leaf and put it on the board.

Leaves of Love tree

Last week was pet week. So, we don't have any pets, but he wanted to take a picture of him and Livy (Rich & Diana's dog). He LOVED her!! So, if we ever get a dog, a Maltese would be the kind!

His spot at "Circle" time. The rug is a huge Noah's Ark.

Taking Gma Cernin down the hall....

The Preschool All-Star!

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aunt mandy said...

how fun!!!! love his school pix and everything :) glad he is having fun and doing a great job <3