Thursday, December 9, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

Our first snow of the season!!! And since we are back in Iowa, where snow lasts a little longer than it did in MO, we just had to buy a sled!!!!

We don't have that big of a slope in our yard, but this worked well! I pulled the sled, then let them fly!!! A couple times, they'd flip over and Colin did some 'headers' into the snow!! He thought that was the best!

Had to try sledding down the rocks...:)

My 'snow angel' Colin

My 'snow angel' Taylor


Anonymous said...

Excellant! Sure glad they got their first snow. I love it. Looks like they had a great time, wish we were there. See ya's soon!
Love, Papa Joe xo

Aunt Jenny said...

Looks like 'snow' much fun!

Anonymous said...

I am soooooooooooo jealous!! They look like they had a lot of fun. They also made the cutest snow angels! We still hope to see tehm Sat. but we will watch the weather for sure. Love ya lots, G-MA XO XO

aunt mandy :) said...

oh jenny....PUN INTENDED!!! haha

LOOKS LIKE A LOT OF FUN!!! looks like just about the same amount we have...speaking of taylor going over rocks, reminds me of when you josh and i were sledding behind forsythes and your leg(or arm) got caught under a big rock...HAHA!!!

and then thinking of that reminds me of the time you jenny and i went sledding on the cow hill with our makeshift sleds!!! oh man, that ramp was AWESOME (LOL)....oh so sad....but the box from my stereo was the best!!!!