Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome Fall!

I'm not an amazing photographer, but I try at least! Just reminiscing of fall. The time is here again! On the upside of that, we have a fireplace this year!! (We had one in the condo at the lake, but never got the propane tank filled). I LOVE having a gas fireplace. It's on almost every morning, with me sitting by it, watching the news or shows I've DVR'ed and enjoying my coffee...before I have to get the kids up and at 'em! There is nothing better than having to stay inside on a cold, rainy, and windy day, and sitting around a fire!!!!

The front door is already for Thanksgiving!

Yes, I found a few others from last year that I just love and wanted to share again!
LOVE this of the kids!!



The Arnold Family said...

Love your pictures! Your front step reminds me of mine.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Beck. I can sure tell you are really enjoying your new house. Love the pictures, they are very professional looking. See ya Friday evening. Can't wait.
Love ya all, Dad/Papa

Anonymous said...

Hi Bec, just got a chance to see your up-date on the blog. Love the pics, both old and new. The front door looks very welcoming!! I am sooooooooooooo jealous of your fireplace!! LUCKY!!! Love ya lots, MOM