Friday, May 8, 2009

Kim and Nate's Wedding Weekend

For those that haven't seen these pictures on Facebook. Last weekend was Kim and Nate's Wedding. I headed up on the Wednesday before to help with out. Jenny left NJ that same morning and arrived at Mom & Dad's before 9pm that driver!!! On Thursday was a wonderful spa day for us girls. We all got manicures and everyone but Jenny had pedicures. We've unanimously agreed that this must be done at least once a month!! It was so fun and peaceful. Jen and I had gone to buy snacks/wine/cheese to munch on while we were there. Our appointments started at 11:15, and we didnt' leave until after 4pm. We did have a short break in between our mani's and pedi's. Mom drove down with Taylor so she could hang out with us girls. Taylor, I think enjoyed being able to eat cheese and cracker, and sip water out of the plastic champagne glasses. Jenny had also taken her outside where they ran up and down Jefferson St. It was a nice way to catch up with the girls!!! I know I enjoyed it. Friday we set up the Auditorium for the reception. It looked beautiful by the time I got there with the kids. Later that night was rehearsal and dinner at Peaches (Comfort Inn Suites). Very yummy!!! Saturday we met at the salon to get our hair done. Krista (who is 8 months pregnant) did an AWESOME job on all of us...including little Taylor. That's 6 girls hair in a few short hours!! Thanks Krista!! Tim finally made it to B-town around 11am. Just in time to go get us some lunch! The wedding was beautiful!!! Kim looked absolutely stunning!!!!! It's amazing what ah air updo, makeup, a wedding gown and flowers will do for a girl!! Ha Ha!! Just kidding kimmie! They drove off in a corvette that Nate was able to get from Deery Brothers! The reception was alot of fun as well. I danced the night away with Taylor, Jayden, Peyton, Adrien, and Maddie Reed.

On Sunday, Kim and Nate came out to Mom and Dad's of open cards and gifts, before heading to Des Moines to catch a flight to LAS VEGAS!!!!! Overall, it was a great weekend, beautiful weather, great family memories!!!

Dinner at Happy Joe's. This is a MUST everytime Jenny is home. We usually don't complain and go along with her!!!

Spa day!!!

How wonderful this was!!! I would LOVE (hint: Tim- Mother's Day) to do this again!!:)

Mandy and Kim enjoying the pedicure

Cheese....Colby that is!!!

Ahhhhhhh....Chelsea are you enjoying this?

Cheers....let's hope Taylor is drinking water?!!

Beautiful nails Mandy!

Thank god she didn't smile like this for her wedding pictures!

Gavin and Colin. Doesn't Colin look bigger? Maybe it's the way he's standing!?

Papa's home!!!! The kids were screeching/screaming at the top of their lungs!!! So excited to see Papa!


Anonymous said...

Great pics Beck. Sure glad all of you had such a great time. Yep, life doesn't get any better than that, right?
Love ya's Dad/Papa xo

Anonymous said...

It was such a fun weekend but it went way too fast. Glad you guys had a good "spa" day. Love the pics, Love Mom