Friday, April 24, 2009

Mommy and Colin

On Thursday, Tim was invited to a Golf tournament and he decided to take Taylor with him. So that left Colin and I to play. Colin had my undivided attention the whole day....the first for least in a long time! I think he loved it. We played outside most of the day.

Checkin' out the pool and loungin!

running back and forth...

he was blowing on the rocks because they were 'hot'

see mommy!

this is how rocks end up in the house....they go in his pocket and we usually find them everywhere; usually in the washing machine.

Here he is hiding behind the tree, like Taylor does.

collecting rock, acorns, and sticks....

Here is a little video of him counting while he hid by the tree.

Taylor even got to keep her golf ball that she used while out with daddy! She had a great time with him!


mandy said...

looks like you and colin had such a great day together just the two of you...that doesn't happen very often and needed to be done i think...

taylor looks just like a little golfer, too cute...

cant wait to see yas on wednesday!!!

miss you all!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how grown up Colin looks!! He is such a "litle man". The video is just too precious!! Love him to death, Love G-Ma XO XO