Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Random Pix

These are just some random shots I've taken. Today, Taylor and I decided to make some sugar cut-out cookies. She really had funny rolling the dough and pushing the cutter into it. Then she sprinkled them. Colin liked the treat when he got up from his nap.

This is what we woke up to this am. Not alot of snow...mainly sleet. But it looked pretty.

I took his be-be (pacifier) away.

Get that out of your mouth!

His slippers from Papa Joe

A very sleepy Colin:(

They look like angels....but....

Taylor made a bed for them in the living room. Colin probably could have fallen asleep.


Anonymous said...

I love all the pics!! The cookies look very yummy Taylor, you did a good job! The snow looked pretty outside, even if there wasn't much. And the pics of you and Colin are adorable! Colin without a binky?? Unheard of!! I just want to squeeze you both!!!!! Love and Kisses, G-Ma XXOO XXOO

aunt mandy said...

the cookies sure do look yummy tay!!!

the snow looks perty from your place...nothing like what it is up here...keeps snowing and like 10 degrees with wind chill of like -4...FUN FUN FUN let me tell you...

did colin get a hair cut? its very very cute, i love it...and him without a binky? havent seen a picture w/out it for EVER...i also love the slippers from papa...very darling...wish we could see you for christmas...it wont be the same without yas :(