Tuesday, December 23, 2008

At the Park

Yes, this is an old video. He was getting the biggest kick out of rocks rolling down the slide! I've had it on my phone and I don't yet have a micro SD card to save it on. Thanks to Jenny, she was able to help me out and put it on her card and upload on the computer.

Dad, Mom, and Jenny came down on Sunday night to celebrate XMAS with us. They decided to stay Monday night as well and left this morning, before weather got bad. I will post pictures later. We had a great time and it was (as always) great to see them! Love you all, Thanks again! So happy that you could make it down!!!! :*


Chelsea said...

Those are the best laughs! Thanks for sharing! :)

aunt mandy said...

i love their laughs...so cute

wish i could have come down...miss yas