Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A visit from Grandma and Papa Cernin

Knuckle up Colin!

Fred and Julie came down last weekend. It was great to see them and the kids just had a blast with them. (Of course they were...someone other than mommy to play with!) They got into town Friday night when I was heading to work. They finished up at the store with Tim and went home to relax and play. I hear Taylor didn't want to go to bed until about 9:30 (poor Grandma!). Saturday, was pretty much a lazy day. I made a breakfast casserole and we just lounged and played with the kids. Tim took the day off so he could visit (or nap, just like is father! Sorry guys...couldn't resist!) We then went to Chili's for dinner before they left town. It was great to have them, as it is to have anyone come to visit us!


Anonymous said...

Glad they had such a good visit! Looks like the kids had fun and wore Daddy and Grandpa out! Happy Turkey Day Cernins hope you see this. Barb and Joe AKA G-Ma XO XO

Aunt Jenny said...

What a fun weekend! Glad everyone had a great time. Happy Thanksgiving to all (and to all a good night - wait... that's a different holiday)!

aunt mandy said...

sounds like it was a blast having them down there :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like there was much fun by all. Especially the last two pictures. I loved them.
Papa Joe