Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nap time for Taylor

So this is what happened one day when Taylor was 'supposed' to be taking a nap. (Yes, I know it's alot of stuff, but believe me, that day I decided to 'declutter' the toys in this house.) I wasn't feeling good one day, so after lunch, I layed Colin down for his nap, and I thought Taylor would do me a favor and rest as well. The good thing was, I got her to her room. She was quiet for the longest time. I heard her shuffling, around, assuming (which I will NEVER do again) she was just getting books, toys, on her bed like she always does. She even does that at bedtime. Because in the mornings, I'll find books/toys in her bed that were not there when I layed her down. Back to the point...Colin didn't want to nap on this particular day...which was even more frustrating...what Mom doesn't look forward to naptime?! So I was rocking Colin and Taylor walks out in excitement, "Mommy, I love this shirt sooo much!". This "shirt" (which was a sweater) was actually hanging on a hanger in her closet. So the light came on in my head, "how did she get that down", plus she had taken her pants off?!! So I got up with Colin, walked into her room and found this!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, all I could really do at this point was laugh my ass off. I'm not sure really how she was able to flip her toy chest over, but she apparently used that along with storage bin, to climb up to get ALL her clothes out of the closet, which were on hangers. She had taken everything out of the closet, except the storage stuff I have on the top shelf of the closet. The purple/green/white bike is her Smart Cycle. Now I have a hard time getting it out of her closet, how did she do it...without me hearing it!? Unless I really did fall asleep for a brief time, I didn't hear any loud noises in her room. The pictures really don't do it's justice!


aunt mandy said...

hurricane taylor came late this year...hehe

that is so funny...and so true, how can you NOT laugh at that haha!!!

Anonymous said...

She is sooooooooo strong! What ever possessed her to do that?? Guess she really didn't want to take a nap.? This too shall pass, Love Me (G-Ma) XO XO