Thursday, July 10, 2008

Well, this has nothing to do with the pictures I've posted but...Tim took today off and we went to Big Surf Waterpark. Taylor really liked the wave pool to our surprise. She kept wanting to 'swim ' back in. Colin liked the kiddie area. However within an hour and half, he had gotten tired. So we let Taylor play...she didn't want to get out our surprise again. Yes, I did forget the camera!! I wish I would have remembered it. There would have been some cute pics.
Now, with the pictures...I decided to get Colin his first haircut. The back and sides were starting to get a little long and starting to 'wing' out. So with Jen and Taylor in tow, it was done. He did really good! He just stood in the chair and we just made him laugh and wave in the mirror!

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grandma said...

As usual, Colin looks absolutely darling. I love his hair and him. See you soon.

Love you,
Gma xo