Sunday, July 13, 2008

Colin walking

Here are short videos of Colin walking. He is doing very well at standing up on his own and climbing up on things now. Just this evening, he had climbed up in Taylor little recliner and was standing up in it.

This last video is of Taylor. She has gotten into the habit of taking self portraits. I have no idea who she picked that up from???!!! What she didn't know is that the camera was set up on video. I thought it was kinda funny. She kept taking videos and finally asked me, "why this not working?"


Aunt Jenny said...

Yah Colin! What a big boy! I miss you so much! And Taylor, too, who's video, by the way, was a hoot!

Anonymous said...

Hey Colin, you're doing real good walking. Can't wait to see you walk at Papa's house. Also, Hi Taylor, I love you!
Love, Papa

aunt mandy said...

i watched the the other day and the one of taylor is just too darn funny!!!

and i cant believe colin is walking...they are both getting so big...

miss you guys and cant wait to see ya's soon!!!