Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some family fun

So on Friday, we headed to Burlington to surprise the Family. Kim and Nate moved into their new house last week, so when we got into town, we drove there to see it. It is so cute and has lots of room. Later that night, we met with everyone at Pizza Hut to celebrate Kim's birthday, which was Saturday. On Saturday Mandy and I got our haircut and then headed to Margy and Dewey's 50th Anniversary Reception. It was lots of fun and got to catch up with lots of family! It was nice to see (almost) the whole Stevens' family. After the party, Josh and Chelsea grilled some burgers at their house. I think Jayden liked having Taylor over to play. They got in the pool (for a mear second, Taylor at least), played in the sandbox, and loved the slide. I had a good time, as I think Taylor did too. Chelsea made some milk shakes after dinner and I think Colin drank more than I did, he absolutely loved it! Thanks you guys for dinner and dessert again! Sunday we went to church and met for lunch at Maid-Rite. I wanted the kids fed since I was heading home. Both kids were out by the time we got thru Fort Madison, as you can see!!

This is the only way Taylor could fall asleep on the way home Sunday. Her new seat isn't as comfortable as her old seat was. Kinda looks like you Julie...(bus trip)!!! Ha!

Colin & Papa making coffee; Peyton

Grandma & Colin

Josh, Chelsea, & Gavin

splashing in the water from the pool;

yummy milkshakes!



Taylor & Colin ready for the reception

2 cute cousins...they have so much fun together; Papa and Colin


Anonymous said...

Hi Taylor & Colin, The pics are so cute!! The ones in the car are hilarious!! I bet her neck was about broken. Glad they traveled well. And you got home safe. Much love to all, G-Ma xo xo

aunt mandy said...

those are funny pix of tay sleeping..poor girl, she and colin had to be just exhausted!!!

all the other pix are darling as well, even the self portrait of us (it's pretty good actually) :)