Sunday, July 20, 2008

Big accomplishment for Taylor

Well, Taylor has taken a big step in potty training! Yes, folks, she has pooed on the potty. This is quite a step for her. We're getting closer.

Some of you may have seen the pictures below on my Facebook profile, but I know some haven't. Yes, Colin is wearing a headband. The kid didn't want to take it off. I'm so proud of him!! Rob and Cindy Butler (Jenny's bosses) were getting rid of many 'baby' things and the art easel was one of them. Taylor is thoroughly enjoying it. Every night at bedtime, she asks, "Mommy I want to color on that (easel) tomorrow'. She loves it. And finally, a picture of me and my little man!! Aww, how cute, huh?!!


Aunt Jenny said...

Colin, the headband is so you! Some day we'll have to talk about all the fun things your mommy used to wear (j/k, Mommy). Taylor, I'm so glad you like Jonathan's easel. I know he used to have a great time with it, too. Love you, miss you!

Aunt Jenny said...

Taylor, congratulations, too for going on the potty! Keep it up, kiddo!

Anonymous said...

Taylor, Grandma is so proud of you!!!! Keep it going..(Ha Ha) Colin you would have made a darling little girl but we know you are all boy. Love u lots, G-Ma xo xo