Friday, June 20, 2008

Dickerson Park Zoo

We went to Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield on Wednesday afternoon. Tim took some vacation this week and we were able to do some Family stuff together! We were really impressed with it. Was very clean, child friendly, and big. We got to feed the Giraffes, which I thought was the best. They are an amazing animal. There were kids there at different exhibits explaining different things..for instance at the Elephant exhibit, some kids had some Elephant skin so we could feel it, Warthog's skin, and the hissing cockroach. Which no one wanted to touch. While in the stroller, Taylor kept holding Colin's hand (see picture). It was so cute. They just sat so good, holding hands. It was nice to actually do something a family!

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aunt mandy said...

it sounds (and looks) like you guys had a blast at the zoo!!! taylor and colin holding hands is just too darling...

miss you guys!!!