Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trip to Papillion

Rich and Diana invited us out to see them...last we figured we better go see them this year! We drove out last week and just stayed one night. That evening, went for a ride to see the sights of downtown Omaha. Walked halfway across the Pedestrian Bridge that crosses the Missouri River from Omaha to Council Bluffs. The current was so strong you could feel the bridge shaking. Kind of eerie!! Very cool tho!!!

Returned to their house where Rich grilled up some delicious burgers and hotdogs. Then left for the Omaha Storm Chasers game! What a crowd! Their biggest yet....over 8,000 in attendance!! However, they played the Iowa Cubs and beat them.
The following day, we ate some breakfast and headed to the Zoo.
What an amazing place to go! We got there shortly after 9am and didn't leave until close to 3pm! I highly recommend this Zoo!! We had such a great time!! Thanks again Rich and Diana!!

Colin and Taylor made a new friend! This is Liv! What a fun puppy to have!! The kids are desperately in LOVE with her and now what a Maltese!

Giving her hugs goodbye :(

Colin made a buddy out of Rich!!! He wanted to hold his hand walking out to the car!

Walking across the waterfall

Butterfly Garden

The favorite!


The penquins!!!

Thanks to Diana and Tim's courage, Taylor got to ride the 'Skyfari'!!!


These are not plastic flamingos! :)

All the Polar Bear needed was a bottle of Coca-Cola!!

This gorilla walked over to the window and was just glarring at the kids!

Sun Bear

This is the most beautiful Leopard I've ever seen!

Colin was making friends!

Awwww...Family picture time!!!

At the ballpark

Taylor and Liv

Colin and Liv!!


mandy said...

how fun that must have been!!!! im sure they loved having ya's visit!!! too bad the kids couldnt get a maltese, they sure are adorable dogs....very cute, i love them :)

Aunt jenny said...

what a blast!