Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Taylor!

Well, my Baby Girl is 5!! We've had a busy weekend. We went to Pirates Cove on thursday, since it opened back up. Friday was Taylor's Birthday. However, she had a small fever and didn't feel very good most of the day. So on Saturday, we celebrated with dinner at Chili's and bowling. All I'm going to say about the bowling is that Colin and Taylor both beat Tim and I. See the pic of the score screen! Of course, they got the bumpers up when it was their turn! They both had a really good time. Saturday, I had also taken Taylor to the Clinic. She has pink eye... you will be able to tell in some of the pix! I felt so bad for her, but she didn't let it ruin her chances to open her gifts!!

Argghhhhh Matey's......

Her poor little eye! But she was sooo excited to get 3 new pairs of shoes. Her feet have grown since Christmas. She is wearing size 12 now!!!

At least I beat Tim!!

My baby doll!!!!

I let her open one gift on her actual bday....Cinderella III! She loves this movie.



Anonymous said...

I get to be the first to leave a comment!! My sweet little 5 yr. old I miss you and Love you sooo much! Hope your eye is better, it looked so sore! We can't wait to see you!! Wow, three pairs of shoes, you lucky girl! And maybe we can watch Cinderella? Love ya, G-Ma XO XO

Aunt Jenny said...

Happy Birthday, Taylor Tot! Sorry to hear you had pink eye on your big day. Looks like you had a good weekend, though. You're getting so big, and you're such a smart, beautiful girl. I love and miss you. Have fun with the move and be good to your brother (and mom and dad :)).