Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just a little of everything...

Taylor and I decided to dress up Bambi (or Sparkles is what's she's named him (her))! It was too funny!

Doesn't she look pretty!

We got to enjoy ( I think our last) a day at the park. It had been so beautiful out that we took full advantage of it!

Colin: I've got some rocks!

His poor little finger :(

You FLY down this slide! It's too fun!


Anonymous said...

Peyton and G-Ma enjoyed the pics of you at the park and dress up time for "sparkles" or whatever. What a nice day!! Love yas, G-Ma XO XO

The Arnold Family said...

Bambi..er...Sparkles is so pretty!

Fun day at the park. So nice!

Aunt Jenny said...

Great pics, kiddos! Looks like lots of fun at the park! And Sparkles looks gorgeoussssssss

mandy said...

the deer(haha) looks cute tay!!! looks like the park was so much fun....and i hope colin's finger is gettin better!!!

miss ya's